Singing bird competition of Paramaribo - 2009

Six weeks of singing bird competition of Paramaribo completed. Bird owners competed in three sub categories for cups, new cage and bag of birdseed. Of course six weeks of competition not related with those prizes, it also created great chance for the community to become together and living in excited atmosphere at Onafhankelijksplein (The Independent Square of Suriname). Bird owners organized under a club and participated to the competition as competitor and as referee too. Three sub-categories of competition classified for birds Rowti, Picolet and Twa-Twa.

Suriname have incredibly rich fauna for birds too due great opportunity of laying as heart of Amazon rain forest. Suriname people so curios to become owner of birds and walking, living with them in their daily life.

The Onafhankelijksplein (The Independent Square of Suriname) hosts bird market every weekend.

Ertugrul Kilic — 6 October 2009, 18:55

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