JARAN KEPANG : The most popular Javanese dance in Suriname

JARAN KEPANG  : The most popular Javanese dance in Suriname

The Jaran Kepang is a spectacular folk-dance and is very popular in Suriname. Jaran Kepang means weaved bamboo hobby-horse. The dancers perform dances like horses with a rider on its back. They ride during the dance on a flat hobby-horse made of weaved bamboo or leather (skin of a cow). At the start of the dance they orderly dance and move like a horses according to the rhythm of the music. After a certain moment some of the dancers instantaneously go into trance and act completely like horses. They run, jump and move like horses, some of them act calmly and most of them wildly. They drink during the trance enormous volumes of water, eat raw grasses, raw banana leaves, flowers and raw un-hulled rice grains like real horses.
JARAN KEPANG  : The most popular Javanese dance in Suriname
There are several types of Javanese dance in Suriname. Most dances are based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Embassy of Indonesia introduced dancing styles from Indonesia which were not popular here yet. The most popular Javanese dance in Suriname is the Jaran Kepang, which was brought from Java by the contraction laborours.
JARAN KEPANG  : The most popular Javanese dance in Suriname

Ertugrul Kilic — 5 August 2009, 16:15


  1. Suriname friends, I’m argentine sport journalist and I’m looking for a Suriname voetbal blog. If you know one, please, write me to contact the blogger.
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  2. is the jaran kepang based on the Ramayana en the Mahabharata???

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