Inauguration Ceremony of Indigenous Captain Michel Karwofodi at village Matta

I invited to Surinamese Arawak Michel Karwofodi’s inauguration ceremony at his Indigenous village Matta ( KURUPA in Indian ) in Para District, Suriname – South America, Saturday, 11 February of 2012.

Surinamese Arawak Michel Karwofodi selected as the new captain ( head of the village ) with his board members during the election held last year. Selected new board members are ; Basya Eric Karwofodi, Orlando Kuis, Cyrell Sabajo. You will see also photos of Mrs. Basya Wendeline Sabajo, wife of new Captain Michel Karwofodi.

The famous Indigenous cultural group Wajano handled heavy responsibility and performed perfectly during traditional ceremonies and all day long events.

Traditional ceremony started around nine o’clock in the morning and continued all day. At the beginning of day they walked together to the ceremony place. Actually it was the garden of OS Matta ( Openbare School / Public School of Matta) > Google Map

Official ceremony continued with given headdresses, wooden spear, stone axe, Surinamese Arawak gourd rattles to new Captain Michel Karwofodi and his board members Basya Eric Karwofodi, Orlando Kuis, Cyrell Sabajo including his wife to Mrs. Basya Wendeline Sabajo. Of course each piece of traditional stuffs baptized first by the Indigenous shaman before given to them.

Religious ceremony held by Roman Catholic Church members and priest, choir then Surinamese Arawak Michel Karwofodi received his letter of authority as the new captain ( head of the village Matta / KURUPA in Indian) with his board members, then they toasted together. Official guests, villagers, everyone got refreshments and meals during a short break.

Next best part started with the famous Indigenous cultural group Wajano’s traditional band plays and their dancers’ show. Captain Michel Karwofodi, his wife Mrs. Basya Wendeline Sabajo and other board members Basya Eric Karwofodi, Orlando Kuis, Cyrell Sabajo participated to dances with their families, with everyone there, altogether.

I saw many people, even lot’s of motorcycles were head to Matta to caught night show there when we are already on our return way.

About Arawak People : The Arawak people (from aru, the Lucayan word for cassava flour) are some of the indigenous peoples of the West Indies. The group belongs to the Arawakan language family. They were the natives whom Christopher Columbus encountered when he first arrived in the Americas in 1492. The Spanish described them as a peaceful primitive people.

The Arawak people include the Taíno, who occupied the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas (Lucayans); the Nepoya and Suppoya of Trinidad, and the Igneri, who were supposed to have preceded the Caribs in the Lesser Antilles, together with related groups (including the Lucayans) which lived along the eastern coast of South America, as far south as what is now Brazil. Please visit Wikipedia for more information about Arawak People

My post included selected 333 photos. I know its many but they covers all day of event. I captured all photos with my Nikon D2Xs while using sort of lenses ;

  • Zeiss Makro-Planar T* f/2 100mm ZF.2 manual focus lens
  • AF Nikkor 35mm f/2.0D
  • Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC
  • Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D AF (just few photos at the beginning on the road)

Hope you like it. All the best,

Ertugrul Kilic — 13 February 2012, 16:30


  1. Many thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    — Cabadaro · 13 March 2012, 17:30 · #

  2. love the report. it was a pleasure!!!!! keep up the good work

    — stephen · 13 March 2012, 22:07 · #

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