Eid Ul-Fitr 2011 in Suriname - Hindustani Muslims

Surinamese Hindustani Muslims began to celebrate the end of holy month of Ramadan 2011 while praying all together traditionally at SMA ( Suriname Muslim Association / Surinaamse Moeslim Associatie ) complex at 31st of August 2011.

This year’s Eid Ul-Fitr ( AKA Eid al-Fitr, Id-ul-Fitr or Id al-Fitr ) celebration of SMA welcomed an important guest, his excellencies Mr. John R. Nay, Ambassador of the United States of America to Suriname. “This happened first time in the SMA’s 60 years history” said Mr. Hajji Michel Soebhan, chairman of SMA ( Suriname Muslim Association / Surinaamse Moeslim Associatie ) during his speech.

Mr. John R. Nay, Ambassador of the United States of America to Suriname visited Surinamese Javanese Muslim’s Eid Ul-Fitr (Eid Ul-Fitr 2011 in Suriname – Javanese Muslims ) worship few hours ago then he participated also to Surinamese Hindustani Muslims Eid Ul-Fitr worship and they prayed all together as you can see on the photos. “ I’m Christian, but we serve the same God. In all religions is the message of peace emphasized… “ said Mr. John R. Nay to Suriname ATV Television ( Algemene Televisie Verzorging ) during an earlier speech.

Prayers, children, guests sat all together for lunch, drinks and desserts. Celebrations continued with many activities including announcements of prize winners in several categories.

I wish Suriname can be an excellent sample to all over world to show how many different religions and cultures lives together without any conflict in their daily life. I’m sure the first rule is : RESPECT EACH OTHER !

Hope you like it. All the best,

Ertugrul Kilic — 1 September 2011, 16:45

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