Chinese Rabbit New Year 2011 Celebration in Suriname

Chinese Rabbit New Year 2011 celebrated at the complex of Ngie Kong Tong Sang, the oldest Chinese-Surinamese society in Paramaribo.

Mr.Desiré Delano “Dési” Bouterse President of Suriname, Mr. Yuan Nansheng Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Suriname, Mr. Yuk Kee Chee chairman of the Chinese society Ngie Kong Tong Sang sat with Chinese community in Suriname to celebrate Chinese New Year together. Guests and Chinese community had traditional lunch after official speeches and ceremonies.

About the origin of Chinese population in Suriname : When slavery was coming to an end, plantation owners and the Dutch colonial government were making plans in 1853 to bring in contract workers from China to Suriname.

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Ertugrul Kilic — 4 February 2011, 11:05

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