An earlier day of Easter 2011 in Suriname : Foot Washing

Foot Washing; A tradition of Easter served by Bishop of Paramaribo Monseigneur Wilhelmus Adrianus Josephus Maria de Bekker and Father Esteban Kross at ST. Petrus and Paulus Cathedral (AKA World's largest wooden cathedral) in Paramaribo / Suriname - South America, 21st of April, 2011.

Foot washing or washing of feet is a religious rite observed as an ordinance by several Christian denominations. The name, and even the spelling, of this practice is not consistently established, being variously known as foot washing, washing the saints’ feet, pedilavium, and mandatum. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

The ceremony held in newly renovated and opened ST. Petrus and Paulus Cathedral (AKA World’s largest wooden cathedral) in Paramaribo. You may reach more photos of ST. Petrus and Paulus Cathedral also from following links ;

Official Opening Ceremony of ST. Petrus and Paulus - World's Largest Wooden - Cathedral

Blessing and First Worship of ST. Petrus and Paulus - World's Largest Wooden - Cathedral

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Ertugrul Kilic — 22 April 2011, 10:17

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