I’m Suriname based documentary photographer who is especially interested in cultural diversity, religions and environmental projects. I gave my decision years ago to use my photography passion professionally, especially for documentaries. My works has been published internationally and locally within Suriname.

Non of my photographs manipulated with any software, except converting them from RAW and using only the capability of RAW converter. I dislike manipulated, even cropped photos.

Life at outside mostly full with sad parts, problems and poverty. I’m especially interested in cultural diversity, religions and environmental projects. Please let me know if you have any photography requests maybe already taken but not yet opened in untouched portfolios of mine. All of my photographs are available in high resolution version for commercial use. Ready for printing them in large, even billboard size format.

Taken photographs are giving endless pleasure on each frame, every click excites me same as first time. I like to work in busy, crowded places full with people and still walking for different light sources. For assignments / commission works or print sales please contact me through via CONTACT page.

All the best,

Ertugrul Kilic — Sunday April 10, 2011
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